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The Island of Menorca, known as Wind Island, is the most eastern of the Balearic islands, soft weather and transparent water is ideal to enjoy a relaxing holiday, without a care in the world and enjoying the nature that flows from everywhere of the island.

Menorca is very well communicated by sea with Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, and by airplane with the main European cities. That is why Menorca is a common tourist destination for people fleeing the city’s and busy crush of other Spanish coast tourist destinations.

Maón and Ciutadella are the two main cities and are in the opposite extremes of the island. Connected with the main road that divide the island into two parts, north and south, it is the spine of the island that connects with smaller roads that lead to other towns and beaches.

Menorca is not just beaches, sun and sea, there are plenty of other tourist places you can’t forget to visit during your holidays in Menorca.

Along the island there are three types of prehistoric constructions called talayots, a stone Towers with a wooden roof , navetas buildings used in the past as a house or shelter, and the taulas a high and big stone altar with unique majestic balance.

In the south, near Mahón, there’s a quaint town, Binibeca, a town of white sailor houses that combines perfectly with the sea and nature giving a picturesque sight for your photo camera. Narrow and winding stone paved streets takes you inside the Mediterranean sailor atmosphere from where you will not be able to resist taking dozens of photos.

Tourism in Menorca